People do not think or learn the same way.  So all training is customized to address students' individual needs.  Each course uses building blocks that include Content Development based on needs, Design to engage the learner and Delivery that keeps lessons interesting. 


In addition, training programs consolidate key learnings and reinforce them in short-follow up sessions. If it's important enough to invest in the training, then it's important enough to ensure it sticks.

By combining teaching, business and psychology, Bridlington Training unveils each individuals' personality to bring out more confident communication. Training sessions are available in person or online.

...because we all want to be understood.


Presentation Workshops


Description:Course focuses on presentation presence and content. Dissect real world slides to highlight key talking points. Practice eye contact, pacing, vocal projection, and keeping cool while distracted. Understand how to read the room.


Description:Learn why your nerves do what they do and how to not let them get the best of you. Practice pre-speech prep tools and how to leverage the nervous energy to your advantage. 


Description: The first two minutes of a presentation are often the hardest. It is when you are most nervous and need to set the stage. With this course, you will focus on how to connect with your audience by being your most authentic self. You will identify what story is yours to tell and how to bring it to life to engage your audience.

ESL Skills


Bridlington ESL Training uses the Proprietary ASTER ™ Method, which leverages five key steps to ensure content is relevant and learning remembered.

Language improves most through building blocks of learning, based on consistency and practice. Accordingly, classes are purchased in blocks of sessions.


Classes can be private or in a group setting, in-person or online.

Local, in-person private lesson hours can be applied towards assistance needed for services (haircuts, doctor’s appointments, visa office, school conferences). 


Prices are per person/ per hour. 

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