Glossophobia - the fear of public speaking.

Have you had a bad speaking experience in the past that sticks with you? Or maybe you're worried that you will be judged -not for the content of your speech but for your looks or demeanor or ...?
You are not alone. 

About 75% of the population fears speaking in public.

In fact, I've worked in some of the most revered companies with incredibly smart people. And despite competence, knowledge, and the amazing stories they have had to tell, I've seen many presentations fall flat.

I thought - there must be a way to help people feel more confident - so that their stories can be heard.


I reached back into my psychology education, incorporated exercises I learned from theater experience, pulled out my teaching knack, revisited lackluster presentation skills I observed by otherwise rockstars at great companies, like Pepsi-Cola, Bayer, Nestle, Interbrand, and Lowe's

and started building presentation skills and ESL training

to help YOU speak in front of a group

...because we all want to be understood.

...because we all want to be understood.

Elanna Reiss, Principal

M: 336-706-2643

Over 10 years of CPG marketing experience for top brands, including Starbucks, Skippy, Poland Spring, Hellmann's/Best Foods, Bayer Advanced and Sierra Mist. 
More than 5 years in education in English as a Second Language and Psychology. 

Earned an MBA in Management and International Business from NYU Stern School of Business and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Psychology from Union College.

How is Bridlington Training different?


By combining my background in psychology, business and teaching, I created Bridlington Training in 2017 to provide top-notch, turnkey services in communications training.


Each project uses a 5-step process called the ASTER™ Method where program design, delivery, and follow-up exercises maximize engagement and learning.

Bridlington Training is customized to deliver programming that works.

The first step to designing top-notch content is understanding who you will be addressing.
A = Assessment.