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I want a free consult to see if this program is right for me

I found your help to be truly valuable and on point.

                              Krys S
[Elanna's] guidance on my resume, LinkedIn profile, interview questions/answers, cover and follow-up letter content, etc. was not only the extra push that increased interest in my job applications, but that also helped me successfully navigate several interview processes including the one that ultimately led to my new role.

                                                              -Sheryl J

Ready, Prep, Go

from the job you're in

to the job you want

Comprehensive Coaching package

Refine your story, your search, and refresh your toolbox so that you can land the best job for you.

A systemized three-phase program is customized through one-to-one training.

Phase One

Get your story ready. We work on your resume, LinkedIn, and ensure that all communications are positioned to get you noticed for the 'right' opportunities.

Phase Two

Learn how to apply to jobs efficiently so that you're likely to get your foot in the door faster. 

Tap into the support you need as you network and refine your messaging.

Phase Three

Tell your story in way that makes you irresistible to your next employer. Here we work on interview preparation and practice, as well as storytelling tips to drive your messaging home. 

You will then learn negotiating techniques to maximize your offer.

I knew your gentle but firm way of supporting job seekers would work well. You provided the structure and focus needed to keep moving forward every week. The job search journey can be so overwhelming and you really helped work smarter at it, so thank you. 


Thank you again and I will keep on recommending you to anyone else who needs a coach!!

                                                    -Gretchen P

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