Presentation skills and ESL training

...because we all want to be understood.

Welcome to Bridlington Training!

Whether speaking to a large audience, ordering food in a foreign language, or presenting yourself in an interview, your ability to convey your message relies simply on your ability to connect and be understood.

Hi, I'm Elanna. I'm really glad you're here. 

Despite my fancy background, I am just a regular person who has realized that my true strengths are not fancy.

I like to connect with my audience, keep them engaged, and help increase their confidence, which improves their communication abilities.

How can I help you?


Elanna is a wonderfully patient and knowledgable instructor. She truly invests in those that work with her, and is dedicated to developing strong connections that encourage lasting relationships and ongoing application of her training. 

      - Divya Jayachandran, GRAVY

As a new venture, we worked with Elanna to better understand how to position ourselves as a data service to CPG companies. After just one meeting with Elanna, we had a clear picture of the organization within marketing and strategy teams and had outlined how best to approach companies with a service that would augment their current data sources.

     - Emily Wallen, GRAVY

The most frustrating part of learning a foreign language through conventional courses is realizing that you never get fluent enough to speak naturally. I have tried many resources and have not had results before. Now in this course I feel comfortable and have been improving since the first class. The key is the that the teacher builds real life into class. Fresh, interesting, activities and spontaneous conversation makes the students feel comfortable and eager to keep going. I highly recommend taking this course because it is helping me improve.

     - Elizabeth Miani, ESL student